PT. alamuimas distribusi indonesia (amdi)

Part of the Alamui Indonesia Group is PT. Alamuimas Distribution Indonesia is a distributor company for Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) and electric motorcycles with brands including Unilever, Nestle, Bellfood, Joyday Icecream, Garuda Food, and smooth electric vehicles for a national scale

pt. alamuimas distribusi indonesia (amdi) mission statement

Distribution Division of PT. Alamuimas Distribution Indonesia provides sales and channel management, inventory and logistics management as well as distribution services for consumer goods and electric vehicles. Our service coverage is spread throughout the archipelago through 7 sales branches, more than 30 sales points, and Distribution Centers in 7 cities. We serve approximately 20,000 off-line outlets/customers across all channels, including consumer modern trade and general trade channels. We also serve customers from e-commerce channels.

This division continues to strengthen its capacity and capabilities in the areas of human resources, warehouse capacity, delivery fleet, and information technology. It is noteworthy that in 2020 we have successfully implemented SND, ND6, SCYLLA, BOSSNET, and SADIX to conduct operational distribution company.

management for sales and channel

Divisi Distribusi remains an essential part of Alamui Indonesia Group for long-term business strategy and portfolio. AIG commenced a distribution company In 2020. AIG through its subsidiary companies PT. Alamuimas Distribusi Indonesia (AMDI) expanded its operations to include the distribution of consumer products and electric vehicles.


warehouse network and inventory management


Having infrastructure of warehouses located in major cities in Indonesia and sophisticated information systems, we provide the following services. We also provide a dry warehouse and cold storage for dry goods and frozen goods.

transportation management

We have transportation services management serving hundreds of routes of shipment throughout Indonesia. It is grouped into three lines of business, namely line haul, retail, and last mile. The line haul service covers shipments from Plants, to or between Distribution Center (“DC”), to Fulfilment Centres, and Branches. The retail service covers shipments from branch to the outlet of consumer goods parcels, parcels ONS and regular, and POS material. All types of transportation services are performed by land and sea transportation modes. Overall conducted by PT. Alamui Logistics is a Sister Company.


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